Lightning Networks | IP-CCTV (IP-Secure)

IP-CCTV (IP-Secure)

IP based solutions are transforming the shape of the security industry. Whilst remote video monitoring has been available for some time, its use has been restricted by the speed, cost and management limitations imposed by transmission of video images over dial-up telephone lines.

IP connectivity means that we are now providing our customers with video monitoring solutions that provide far greater access to quality images with significant savings compared to older dial-up solutions. A software platform also offers exciting opportunities for convergence of intruder, access control, fire and video.


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Our IP-Secure solutions operates on existing wired & wireless TCP/IP computer networks and removes the need for running separate cables for the system, making installation, quick, convenient & inexpensive. As the CCTV system operates over a network the cameras can be accessed by any authorized person on the same network or via the Internet and recorded on a PC on the network.

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