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Lightning Networks is an established internet and wireless broadband data services provider in Nigeria. Our strength is built on top of the solid partnership established with world’s leading satellite industry innovators and our ground knowledge of the connectivity dynamics in Nigeria and within the west-African sub region.

Geographic expansion is an important focus for our growth in order to serve users who have requirements for intercontinental or regional communications. With technical excellence and customer needs at the centre of our development and strategy, we are committed to providing capacity and building partnerships for new applications and services, particularly in the market for Internet services.

By drawing on our skills in interactive networks engineering, we able to provide Broadband Internet solution together with our network of partners. Our services ranges includes:

Mobile Broadband Service

The Evolution of internet delivery medium, and introduction of cutting edge technologies in mobile broadband services, we have teamed up with major technology partners to enable us deliver High speed internet connection to you anywhere and any time.

For more information on our Mobile Broadband service offering, click here >>

Fixed Wireless Connection

For bandwidth intensive solutions and requirement, we recommend our fixed wireless solution, This solution provides you with you with steady, reliable and dedicated uncapped internet bandwidth through the month.

We have also leveraged on current technology advancement in the Wi-Fi industry that allows frequency hopping and the IMAX protocol to limit interference and guaranteed steady flow of data and streams.

This solution is Ideal for SMEs, and Video streaming applications, where a steady and consistent data stream is required.

For more information on our Fixed Broadband service offering, click here >>

Fibre Connections

In conjunctions with our solutions partners, we are able to provide affordable  end-to-end fibre connectivity anywhere in Nigeria (interconnected with wireless last mile connections), for applications ranging from Internet, Voice over IP (VOIP), Virtual Private Network (VPN), interoffice connections , Telepresence  and Video conferencing solutions.

Hyperia offers an affordable high speed Fiber backbone internet services using last mile as wireless radios.  This is a very reliable service and offers various service plans from Dedicated to Shared bandwidths.  All our BTS are connected via fiber or Microwave radios, with Backbone to the major fiber providers like GLO1 and Mainone.

Click here for more information and Fibre coverage area >>

VSAT Connections

Our VSAT solution provides you with optional Shared or Dedicated high speed Internet/ Data trunk connection to the global internet backbone or remote location. This is delivered using various geostationary satellites, hence we are able to provide connection to virtually any location.

Lightning Networks delivers dedicated bandwidth circuits at competitive rates from our partner teleports located in Hamilton, Ontario Canada and Miami Florida in the United States both with Tier-1 connectivity and this is Managed and supported by skilled and certified professionals.