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Access Control (IP-Secure)

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Controlling and restricting access to premises is an essential security measure in many premises and sites. Access Control systems are the best way of monitoring and dictating movement across your site and can be as simple or advanced as your requirements demand.

We are experienced in installing access control in an extensive range of premises and sites from private homes and office complexes, to large construction plants and university halls of residence.

Specialist since 2003, we have been providing practical access control and Integrations solutions to satisfied clients. Whether it is over copper or Fiber Networks, we are able to use the latest in PC-based control to achieve the given objectives.

We offer one of the most complete product lines, with our extensive partner network; we have the resources to support the most responsive customer service program, the best price-to-performance ratio and the most rigorous quality control system.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Access Control Systems
  • Intrusion and Fire Alarms
  • ID Management
  • Corporate and Commercial Security Systems Consulting
  • Pre- onstruction Design and Consulting